Parish Councillors

Chair: Sue Nash – Proud to be Norfolk bred and born. Originally from Downham Market, I moved to Great Massingham with Robert when we married in 1974. Our four children all went to Great Massingham Primary School. I am a book-keeper by profession and was Parish Clerk from 1977 to 2011. I enjoy knitting, crochet, and other crafts and run the Great Massingham Craft and Chat group.

Vice-Chair: Caroline Boyden – Moved to Great Massingham from Hunstanton 8 years ago and passionate about supporting and protecting the village. Committee/ member of the Historical Society for 5 years running the social media. Chair of the Preschool, and work in marketing/web design and Clerk/RFO administration.


Malcolm Hipkin – Resident of the village for 50 years and has been a Parish Councillor for 30 years. Following retirement from the Insurance Industry, now runs the oil syndicate and plays/supports bowling and billiards for the village. A driver for the Community Cars and an ardent supporter of the village life.

Mark Eldridge – I have been a parish councillor since 2018 and have moved to the beautiful village of Great Massingham in 2016. A husband to Kerry, and father to two daughters 22 and 12, and as the owner of Massingham Stores, I am right in the heart of the community and feel proud to be able to serve our wonderful village. There are many activities and groups that are running and I would like to be part of, support and help grow these even more over the coming years.

Jonathan Cole – A resident of the parish for over 30 years and wants to see Massingham continue to be a place for young families. Married with two grown-up daughters who attended Great Massingham Primary and Litcham High School. Worked in Operations Management the Food Industry for 40 years after graduating from UEA. Now semi-retired.  

Peter James – I moved here nearly four years ago, after retiring from Wiltshire. Here, I was a parish councillor & chairman of a Parish Council. Since moving, I now find myself chairman of the Historical Society, organiser of the quiz nights & I am also an active member of the biodiversity group. Otherwise, my hobbies include plastic modelling, philately & exploring beautiful Norfolk’s history.

David Speake – With connections to the village and a regular visitor of Great Massingham since 2004, I became a full-time resident in 2016. Actively involved in country sports and pursuits, I am also keen to rejuvenate sporting activities within the village. I have an entrepreneurial background and currently work in digital design and development.

Kim Frazer – A regular visitor to Great Massingham since 2002, moving from Hertfordshire in October 2011. Married with two children and 2 granddaughters who attend the Great Massingham Preschool and Primary School. Actively involved in the village church and a member of the Parochial Church Council since 2012 and have a background in education, retiring from headship in 2014. I am keen to make a contribution to our beautiful village.

Lex Brun – Having grown up and lived in Great Massingham my whole life, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to support the village in whatever way I can. I have been running a farming business on the edge of the village for the last 10 years and have been a member of the village Fire Station crew for six years. I have a degree in Biology and involved with farming body committees. I hope I can use my experience and knowledge to assist the parish council and local community to care for our very special village.

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