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A Minutes Silence 28th April 2020

The UK has been urged by unions to observe a minute’s silence next week to remember the health, care, transport, and other key workers who have died from coronavirus. The borough council will be joining in and we hope that you will too.

The tribute takes place at 11 am on 28 April. This is a call for a collective moment of respect, a moment of remembrance, thanks, and reflection. Politicians, employers, people at work, and the millions of people in lockdown at home, are invited to join the tribute.

The minute’s silence is being scheduled on International Workers’ Memorial Day when we ‘remember the dead and fight for the living’. This is even more important in the midst of a pandemic that has killed thousands of workers in the UK.

General Secretary Dave Prentis’s message is:  Thousands of key staff are on the frontline while the rest of us are in lockdown. That’s why we’ve issued this call for the whole country to take part and remember the sacrifices they’ve made. The best tribute we can all pay them is to stay inside to protect the NHS. The minute’s silence is a thank you to all the workers including nurses, midwives, cleaners, and care staff who’ve died from this devastating virus.



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This page has been set up to co-ordinate offers of help, and requests for help, for those self-isolating in Great and Little Massingham. Please join and let us know if you need any help:

West Norfolk and King’s Lynn District Council:

Great Massingham Village Stores and Post Office 16.3.20:

As we move forward during these uncertain times, we appreciate that for some of our elderly customers it must be a very unsettling and worrying time. We aim to try and keep in stock of all essentials to the best of our ability, and in the meantime and until further notice, we would like to expand our FREE DELIVERY SERVICE to Great Massingham (and immediate surroundings) to cover EVERY WEEKDAY BETWEEN 1 pm and 2 pm. We hope this will help those who need us now more than ever. We would prefer to take payment over the phone via a card so we minimise the risk to health through handling cash.

Phone us on 01485 520272 or email us on or contact us through Facebook #doingwhatwecantohelp #localservice #localsupport #helpthoseinneed

Notification of change to the services provided by Great Massingham Area Community Car Scheme – with immediate effect – 17th March 2020

The committee of the Community Car Scheme met on 17th
March 2020 to discuss the implications of Covid-19 and to plan accordingly. We
regret having to make these decisions, which will be kept under review, but
believe we would have been negligent had we not done so.

In doing this we considered: 
The information currently available to us regarding Covid-19; the ages
of our volunteer drivers, with particular reference to those 70 yrs and older. Of
those remaining drivers, a number had contacted us to advise that due to their
or their family circumstances, they did not feel able to drive passengers in
this crisis, or they did not wish to drive to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,
King’s Lynn (which is reported to currently have five cases of Covid-19).

Our decisions, which were unanimous from those present;
comprising six of a total of seven committee members including both joint
Chairmen and the Treasurer. The seventh committee member decided not to
attend.  We liaised in two telephone
calls with the Practice Manager of the joint medical practice of Docking and
Great Massingham.

  1. Medical trips:  We will only transport passengers for medical
    reasons if it is deemed necessary by the hospital or the GP practice.
  • Hairdresser appointments:  We will not transport passengers to these
  • Shopping trips:  We will not transport passengers on shopping
    trips.  Should some drivers who are
    traditionally contacted direct by the passenger or have a long standing
    arrangement with a passenger decide to continue transporting the passenger this
    will not form part of the arrangement with the Community Car Scheme and drivers
    considering this as a possibility are advised to discuss the matter with their
    insurance company as they will be acting independently of the Car Scheme.

This document has been placed on our website
and distributed to: Norfolk County Council, Docking and Great Massingham
Surgeries, Car Scheme drivers, office staff and others where possible.  When the current situation improves, we hope
to resume our previous range of services.

Great Massingham Area Community Car Scheme, Village
Hall, Great Massingham, King’s Lynn PE32 1NR website:


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