Welcome to our new Clerk – October 19

After collecting the Parish Council books, contracts, records etc  from  Sue Nash and I, at the beginning of the month, and briefing herself on the  Parish Council,  Sarah Harvey, the new Village Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer attended her first meeting of the Parish Council just after  a  “meet and greet” period with the Councillors  beforehand. As expected a busy agenda was completed in just over the allotted time, as should be seen from the minutes.

During the period we were without a Clerk all the Councillors have worked to minimise any disruption and ensured that the Parish Council continued to operate as it should and that planned developments took place, such as the PC website becoming active and a dedicated email address for the Clerk produced.  

That this has happened is down to the councillors as a whole, with advice and help from Councillor Sue Nash as an ex-clerk being especially helpful. As such, they all deserve our thanks for this, but most certainly from me.

Mick Wingell.

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